The club has a long tradition but it’s not all about serious training and competing; we love it when our swimmers and teams win, but we’re just as enthusiastic when swimmers achieve PB’s or come to sessions to keep fit and have fun.

Everyone is welcome to join us. Sometimes people think you need to be part of Clayesmore School to join the Club, but that’s not the case; swimmers come from across the local community. The club has a very positive and supportive relationship with the school and enjoy the benefits of being able to use their excellent 25m pool and facilities.

It’s a small club, which makes our approach more personalised. Coaches take care to know their swimmers and to understand what is important to them. We want everyone to feel welcome, developed and supported and work hard to help our swimmers reach their goals.

Parents are always welcome to join in with club activities, help with events or excursions and generally be a part of the community.


The club started in 1990 under the name of Clayesmore Congers as an extension to the swimming lessons which were run at the Sports Centre, so that children who had reached
the top level of the lessons could continue their swimming into their teens and beyond.

A Committee consisting of coaches, parents and Sports Centre Management was formed, a constitution was drafted and the first large step forward was achieved by gaining affiliation
to the A.S.A.

Over the next few years the Club changed names from Clayesmore Swimming Club to Clayesmore Congers and back again, running under the Sports Centre control. In January 2002 the Club formed a new Committee and decided to run independently from the Sports Centre, and called itself Clayesmore Swimming Club.

The club has now been running for 28 years and continues to be committed to providing opportunities for children from the age of 8 to swim competitively in a happy and supportive club atmosphere.

Committee Members & Coaches

Become a Member

If you are interested in joining the Clayesmore Swimming Club then please do not hesitate to send us an email or give us a call to arrange an appointment, so we can assess your level of skill.

When you have completed your trial session you can decide if you would like to join.
Our charges are as follows:


Monthly Subscription: £25 payable monthly – covers pool hire, coaches expenses, annual ASA and County fees, coaches and volunteers training, etc.

ASA Registration Fee: £32.15 Category 2 or £14.60 Category 1

  • Category 1 – all swimmers any age, any level, wishing to only compete in Club Championships and Novice League, generally under 9 years.
  • Category 2 – all members who compete in any discipline in open competitions, aged 9 years and over.